Our sponsors, partners and supporters have helped bring this project together. Continuing to donate money, time and resources to the project.




Thank you for all of your pledges and donations so far! This money adds extra tennis kit to the equipment packs being sent out to the primary schools and orphanages and goes towards the shipping costs involved.

  • Penny Lee
  • Kay Lenyk
  • Julia Brown
  • Kathryn and Ben
  • Tom Jacobsen
  • Graham Player
  • Tom Player
  • Sarah Foxton
  • Polly
  • Janet Buchan
  • Rachel Button
  • Marcia Dolce
  • Kate Moloney
  • Rich Little
  • Sean and Ash
  • Frances Huntingford Davies
  • Emma
  • Lisa Dean
  • Amy Smith
  • Jo Sawyer
  • Berber
  • David Smith
  • Catherine Evans
  • Barry Scollo
  • Martin Bennett
  • Nigel Websper
  • Sam Richardson
  • Merlin Van De Braam