A turbulent crossing into Mexico, consisting of boat, coach, minibus and another coach, we continued up to Tulum where I ate my body weight in tacos (so good) and we managed to get a quick hit in by the Mayan temples in Tikal (below). Although quickly being asked to leave the area by security. Oops.

Continuing, I got in contact with Annie from a children’s foundation in the small fisherman’s town of Puerto Morelos. We all met and went for a meal, although there was no alcohol due to local ban with the amount of gang violence in the past weeks. Apparently a mass shooting the week beforehand... This gang culture seemed to be common in these areas.

Annie had set up for us to deliver sessions in one of their linked primary schools and on arrival we were swamped with children curious to what we were doing. It was a great few sessions through the day, with some of the children even knowing some words in English - a rarity (below). This helped me and my broken Spanish, but by this point my demoing had become almost expert level. A type of comical charades that seemed to somehow work.

Unfortunately I have had to cut this leg of the journey shorter than expected due to a family funeral back in the UK to attend. We were scheduled to make our way overland to Mexico City, but we will be back for you Mexico!

It is now time to head back to the UK, rest and take stock of the first part of this adventure. Here we will ensure the Zsig equipment packages make it out to their destinations and touch base with our sponsors. Reviewing and planning the next journey. Stops including Eastern Europe, Asia and NZ are on the list.

We will now be looking to gain further support as we start planning the next trip. Please contact us if you are interested in helping in anyway as we make our way around the world. Or you can donate towards the next leg of the adventure to help us continue the project.